What would a ‘classic’ cocktail be like?

A few decades ago, the idea of a cocktail was unthinkable.

But in the last decade, cocktails have changed the way we experience cocktails, redefining how we think about what we like and drink. 

The classic cocktail has always been a cocktail, but its popularity has waned over time as more people have grown up.

In the 1980s, a single shot of rum and a splash of white vodka was all that was required to create a classic cocktail.

Today, we’re more likely to get a gin, tonic or vodka-infused shot, or a simple syrup.

But there’s always been an element of tradition that goes with the drink.

There are still the old-fashioned cocktails, with the twist of lime and bitters, and the simple syrup with the rum and bitters.

But the new-fangled drinks are also a result of cocktail culture’s change. 

What if there was a cocktail that represented the latest innovation in cocktail culture?

That is, one that was not a classic? 

To explore this idea, I created a new category of cocktail called “original cocktail”. 

The new category was created to capture the excitement of the latest innovations in cocktail history. 

This means that the new drink will be different from the old, but it won’t be completely dissimilar either. 

Original cocktail  is a new cocktail that takes an old cocktail and makes it different from its predecessors. 

For example, the new version of the classic drink, the rum, is made with gin, white rum, and bitters that are then mixed with lime, honey and syrup.

The drink has a little bit of a kick from the bitters, but the drink still maintains the classic flavour. 

Here are the original cocktails that I created.

 The old drink  (from the drink category)  What is the new one?

 Old drink (from the original cocktail category) How is it different?

The new drink is made from a blend of ingredients.

It is also different in that it is not the same as the original drink.

The ingredients in this drink are often quite different from those in the original, which is why I wanted to create this category.

I wanted a drink that was really special and unique, one with a distinctive character. 

Is this new drink really the best?

Not really.

But it is an exciting new cocktail, and it is unique in a way that is fun and different.

If you are a cocktail drinker, this category is for you. 

If you’re a cocktail enthusiast, this is your chance to create your own original cocktail. 

I’ve also created an original cocktail cocktail app called Pour It Up  which allows you to create, play and share your own cocktail creations. 

 What are the benefits of using this category?

As a cocktail fan, you can create a cocktail with your favourite ingredients, and share it with your friends and loved ones.

This allows you and your friends to share the fun of creating your own new cocktail.

You can also share a cocktail you created with your colleagues or customers.

You are able to create something new every day, which will make your cocktail life that much easier.

How do I find a drink to create? 

Find a cocktail to make by using the following tool. 

Fill in the form below to create an account on The Drink Maker.

You can also create a new profile on Paste and enter your email address.

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