“My Favorite Masks” video clip from the video store

“My favorite masks are those with the golden arches on them, because they look like the arches are coming out of the skin.”

— Maryann “I think that’s why my mom always says, ‘You can always buy a mask that looks like your mother’s.'”

— Sarah “The mask you buy from me will look exactly like your mom’s mask, but in the right shade of green.”

— Jennifer “I have the masks that are the best, and I can’t get enough of them.”

— Jillian “I feel like a little bit of the mask is the mask, and the mask that’s not so good is the one that’s good.”

— Samantha “I love the gold on the mask.

I love the orange on the face.”

— Kristina “I can’t wear a mask without my face looking like a rock.”

— Katie “I’m not sure I can wear a fake mask.

It’s too much makeup.”

— Laura “My mom had a real mask on when I was young, and she’s always telling me to wear that one.” — Sarah

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