How to Make Your Barbie Fashionistas’ Face the Best on the Market

Now that your barbie princess is ready for the spotlight, here’s how to transform her look from a basic high-fashion trend into one of the best makeup looks around.


Find a foundation that you love: If you’ve got a lot of foundation, the best foundation for your face is the kind you love to wear.

If you don’t have a lot to choose from, try a combination of matte and shimmery powders.

If your foundation is matte, you might be able to get away with using a little more of it.

You want to blend the product together with your skin to create a blend.

If the product is shimmery, you want to dab it over your eyes and use a shimmery lip gloss to create the shimmer.


Use an eye mask or brow mask: Use an eyebrow mask or a brow mask to mask the eyes, brow, and lashes, depending on how you’re looking.

If that’s your only option, try using a black eye mask to highlight the lashes.

If it’s too dark for you, try wearing a light-colored lip liner to highlight those dark lashes.


Choose a foundation shade that matches your skin tone: When it comes to makeup, the more shades of color you can use to create your look, the better.

If possible, try applying foundation with a darker shade, such as a dark blue or a light green, for an even, rich, and flawless finish.

If only one shade of foundation is available, use the lighter shade, which will accentuate the skin tone.

You might be surprised by how many different shades you can choose from.

For example, if you have fair skin, a brown foundation with some light-brown shimmer might be perfect for you.


Apply the foundation: The foundation that matches the skin tones is where it’s at.

Apply foundation with the tip of your finger, dab it into your cheekbones, or use your fingertips to apply foundation over the entire face.


Apply a brow gel: Use a brow stain or a pencil or other brow gel to add a hint of color to your brows.

If there’s a tiny bit of product left over after applying foundation, you can also apply a brow brush or a brush to apply the product to your eyes.

If eyebrows are your style, you could try using the brow gel on your eyebrows, using a brush or the tip to make the shape of your brow hairs look natural.


Choose your mascara: For best results, try mixing a black mascara with a white or light-purple mascara.

The color of the mascara will affect the look of your eyebrows and lash lines, which can be an advantage if you’re trying to look more feminine.

If mascara is too dark, use a lighter color.


Add a cheek shadow: Add a subtle, natural look to your face with a subtle shade of dark-brown or light brown.

For a more subtle look, try adding a light brown shade.

Makeup looks better if you can add a little depth to the eyes and lash line.


Create a brow pencil: If the only option is to apply eyeliner, you may want to add some shading to the outer corners of your eyes, which would give your eyes a little lift and give them a more feminine appearance.


Add eyeliner: If eyeliner is your thing, add a few layers of mascara to create more volume and make your eyes pop.


Make-up looks even better with an eye liner: Add eyeliners to make your eyebrows pop, or even add some more mascara to make them pop.

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