When I was a girl: ‘I was really good at fashion’

When I started playing video games in the early 90s, the games looked so cool and I was obsessed with them.

I was always interested in fashion and I always wanted to do it myself.

But in 1999, I discovered fashion designer Harajuku Fashion.

I was obsessed by Haraju, and I went from buying everything from clothes to accessories to designer shoes to clothes.

But I had no idea how fashion worked, so I was really interested in it and really loved it.

When I was 16, Harajukus Fashion was opening a new store in a small town called Fukuoka in northern Japan.

I had never been to Fukuoke and my parents were very excited because they had always wanted a big store and they were very interested in the future of fashion.

I decided to try Harajus because it was cheaper than other stores and the quality of the clothes was better.

I even took photos with Harajunas staff and they loved it and they told me to keep going.

I got a job as an assistant in the store and started working in the shop.

Harajuku is known for its hipster and trendy fashion.

It’s a fashion-forward city and the stores are always crowded, but it was also very safe and comfortable for me.

There was no stress and it was very good because I had a lot of friends and a lot to learn from them.

After working for the store for three years, I left for Tokyo to study at Osaka University.

I did my undergraduate degree there in 1998 and I got my Masters Degree in 2000.

I became a fashion designer, but my first passion was music and I made music videos and videos for Harajuki.

In 2003, I got the opportunity to travel to London and work on a fashion shoot for Harjus.

I started working on the fashion shoot with a producer from the Harajuka fashion department and it turned out to be really exciting.

I worked on a lot more fashion shoots for Harijus, and in 2004, I was hired to work on the Hariju style show.

I went to London, Paris, Berlin, Milan and Tokyo.

The fashion shoot is about a theme that’s in fashion today.

It has an eclectic mix of styles and the main theme is about people and fashion.

The clothes come in many colours and colours are made by different manufacturers.

The fashion designer is the one that makes the clothes.

I really love the Harju Fashion brand and I feel really happy that I’m working for Harjun as I have always wanted this to happen.

I really love to work in Harjun and I’m so grateful to the people who work there for helping me succeed.

When you go to Harajuhas Fashion store, you can’t miss the staff.

You can feel the passion in their eyes.

The people are very caring and they really make you feel special.

The store is open every day, so if you’re visiting Tokyo and you’re coming to Harijushis Fashion store in Tokyo, you won’t miss anything.

The Harajushis are very talented and very well-known in Japan and in the West.

They’re really well-loved.

They have a very loyal following.

I’m very proud to be the first Japanese designer to work for them.

I think Harajuns brand is one of the most important Japanese brands in fashion.

If you want to wear Harajuris brand clothes, you’re going to get a great experience and you’ll have a really special experience.

I think the brand is the best in Japan.

I am very excited to start working with Harjun again, and we’ll do more shows, too.

I hope to do more shoots.

The next show is in November.

I plan to travel there.

I can’t wait to work with Harjuses Fashion team again.

The atmosphere in the fashion department is very nice and the people are really caring.

I can’t express how good they are.

They treat me like family.

I want to become the best Harjushis designer.

I hope that I can get to work every day and be happy every day.

It will be fun.

It is a dream come true for me, and Harjun is very special to me.

I will work really hard and I will keep doing it until the end.

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