Vintage fashion mixes with old-school style at Canterbury’s cottagecore fashion store

Canterbury’s classic cottagecore has been transformed into a boutique style store with vintage fashion mixes, craft cocktails and classic-style cocktail bars.

Photo: Melissa Adams/Supplied The boutique store opened in June, with the aim of turning the place into a place where you can get your hands on vintage fashion.

“I’m really excited about it,” the store’s owner, Rebecca Hirst, told

“I think the shop is just a really cool place, we’ve had people come in and ask if they could use the washroom, they just loved the place.”

It’s the perfect mix of the old and the new.

“Hirst said her store would feature a wide range of clothing, from the 1950s to the 1980s, with a mix of classic styles like “the old-fashioned mix” to contemporary styles like the new “Cottagecore”.

The store also has a “shop window” with vintage and modern clothing and accessories.”

A lot of our customers come in to shop and buy clothes, we have to have a little bit of space so we’re really happy with that,” Hirst said.

Her new store will have a separate washroom for customers.

She said it was a fitting choice for a place like this, as the place had been “dodging bullets” for years.”

We had to do the best we could with the space, it’s not an open shop, it is just for the customers to come in, get a drink and have a chat,” Hirtts husband, Mark, said.”

When they come in they come back to do a little more shopping.

There’s a bit of a cafe atmosphere, a cafe bar and there’s a coffee shop on the second floor.

“Mark said his wife’s passion for the vintage shop was evident.

He said the couple had been visiting the shop regularly for years and the store was something special.”

She said she thought she would like to come back and have some fun with us, so she’s come in every day and seen the store and is absolutely delighted,” he said.

Mark said the shop’s opening was “huge” and it was the start of a new chapter for the store.”

This is a huge step forward for the shop and we’re happy to be a part of it,” he added.”

The shop is really special, we just love the fact that the store has been opened, so we can bring back a bit more of the retro vibe.

“Cottagecide cafe owner Rebecca Horton said she was happy to see the business take off.

Horton was keen to see how the cafe’s customers reacted to the shop.”

What’s really important for us is that they enjoy coming to our shop, they come and see what we have and what we sell and they want to come here more often,” she said.

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