What is hippie style? We found out, and it’s changing the way you look

If you’ve ever seen a hippie or hipster style trend, you know that they’re about wearing trendy, modern clothing that doesn’t fit the traditional, classic look.

It’s all about trying to do something that doesn, or doesn’t, fit into a current trend, said Wendy Gaudet, the fashion curator at the Hippie Couture and Merchandising Festival, in Toronto.

Gaudet said her festival has a huge focus on the hippie lifestyle.

She told CBC News she’s seen people wear their clothes in a way that’s not in keeping with the current trend.

“It’s like wearing jeans or a T-shirt that you’re going to wear to the next party or you’re not going to go to the party,” she said.

“We see people in the street with their jeans on and they’re not looking like they are.”

Gaudette said she’s noticed a trend of people wearing their hippie clothes in an outfit that’s more casual than it should be, or even worse, she said it could be something that might be inappropriate for a man.

“Hippies have to be comfortable, they have to look comfortable, and they have got to be looking stylish,” she explained.

“There are a lot of women who are comfortable with that and have really embraced it and they are comfortable in their own skin and I think that’s what’s really cool about the hippies.”

Grazie styles are typically made from fabric and leather, which she said often comes in the form of a variety of different styles.

It also means there are no fixed sizes to fit your needs.

Greta Stronach from Toronto’s The Fashion Show has a look at the fashion trends in the city, from trendy to traditional.

(CBC)”I think it’s something that has really come into its own in recent years and is really cool, it’s definitely a big thing and people are really embracing it,” said Greta Stonach, a fashion designer from Toronto who’s helped pioneer the trend.

Stonach said she likes the way the hippy fashion is coming from a different place and different time period.

“I’ve seen a lot more people in a more contemporary, more relaxed, more casual way, and I really love that,” she added.

“The fashion industry is a very diverse place, I think there are a ton of different ways to do things.”

Gretas clothing, made from recycled fabrics, is often made in a variety or colors that can be worn in different styles, such as black, white and blue.

The fashion show also has a theme of the Hippies, where some of the most popular items can be seen on display, including clothing, accessories and even handbags.

While Stonaches style is mostly in the hippiedom, there’s plenty of fashion out there for people who aren’t hippies.

There are also many styles that are more retro or retro-inspired, such a denim jacket and a retro inspired leather belt.

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