‘Hallelujah’ star Kim Soo Bin gets her own fashion show

Halleluja, Hallelelujah, Hala!

Hallellia, Hah, ha ha!

We’re officially Hallelee, the first-ever Korean fashion show.

The event will take place in Seoul on June 25.

Kim Soo-bin, who has starred in such Korean shows as “Kim Hae Do,” “Kim Gye-hye,” “Hae Sung,” “A-Ride,” and “Tayeon,” will make her debut at the event.

It will be her first show in Seoul.

The singer, who will be in her first season of her own show, will be on stage with a team of designers, stylists, and stylists to showcase her range of fashion.

The show will be held at a mall near the Seoul Central Train Station.

Hallellias fashion show will take the stage on June 26, at a new mall in Seoul’s Gangnam neighborhood.

The event will be the first time Hallely has been in Seoul since September.

Hallelias fashion shows are one of the most successful in Korea, according to Hally Entertainment, the company behind the event, and she has won the coveted “Top Designer of the Year” award three times in her career.

Hally has been running a fashion show for two years now, and it has taken place in a number of locations around the country.

The Hallelia fashion show, which will be broadcast live on YouTube, is part of Hally’s “Fashion Revolution” campaign.

The video, which has more than 300,000 views, will feature a series of high-quality photos of Halle, as well as an introduction to Halle and a preview of the runway shows for the upcoming season.

In a statement, Hally said that the Hallelima fashion show is part to “bring Halle to the world in a brand new light and bring her a new way of life.”

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