5 new Halloween masks that look like they belong in your closet


Hocus Pocus mask, $49.99, hatemonger.com/hatemongers/hat-em-smashes-hocus-pocus-mask/ hatemongshocuspocusmask.html Hatemongering is an old-fashioned hobby, one that’s grown up around Halloween, but now there are a whole host of masks and accessories to suit every Halloween costume.

Here’s a rundown of some of the best Halloween masks for kids and adults.

HOPELESS: The Hocus-Pocus mask is a hatemongeer from the Hocuspogue collection, and while it might be a little pricey for a mask of its vintage, the masks are still pretty good.

The mask features a red hue, a large circle, and a skull.

It’s also a good idea to buy a small bottle of Vaseline for it’s cuteness.

The HOPE: The Hope mask features an intricate design, with the red circle and a star on the front of the mask.

It has a slightly curved edge, but it doesn’t look too bulky.

It also comes with a tube of Vaselines.

You can also pick up a few other masks from the Hope collection that feature a similar design, but this one’s a bit more limited.

It comes with an eye mask, a nose cap, and several other accessories.

The Jigsaw mask is also a pretty good mask for kids, and it’s available in several styles, including a black mask, white mask, and brown mask.

You could also choose a yellow mask with a yellow triangle.

This is the mask you’re looking for, since it has a skull and a heart on the nose.

It looks pretty cute and cute, but you could definitely get a more colorful one.

The K-BOOY: This is a classic Halloween mask, with a skull, heart, and stars on the face.

It is one of the more expensive masks out there, but its one of our favorite Halloween masks.

The design is similar to the Hope mask, but with a slightly more elongated face shape.

It features a round, round eye, and an earring.

You may also want to pick up another mask from the K-BooY collection, which is a yellow-colored one with an arrow on the tip.

You’ll want to grab a couple of other masks, too, including the red-colored K-Bee and blue-colored J-Bee masks.

BIKINI: The Bike-mask is a mask with an orange face and heart on it.

It doesn’t have a very clear, bright eye, but the design looks pretty cool.

The face features a heart, the heart symbol, and the bike symbol.

You will also want some accessories, including earmuffs, a hat, and gloves.

You might want to go for a green or yellow mask if you want the design to be more festive.

The BUMPKIN: This mask has a small, round face with a heart and stars.

It even comes with the same yellow face as the Bike-Mask, but without the heart.

It does come with a pair of earmuff, gloves, and eye mask.

The BEAUTIFUL: This classic mask has lots of details, including an eye-shaped heart, a round mouth, and many little stars and hearts.

It includes a face mask with the heart, as well as a yellow eye and two ears.

You also might want a hat to go with it, but don’t buy a plastic one for it.

The VICTORY: This masks design is very modern, with an old school design.

It incorporates a heart with a red circle around it.

You won’t see any yellow or green symbols, but that might be because the mask is black, and you’ll want a little more variety with colors.

It contains a red triangle around the eyes, which could be used for a face or mouth mask.

However, it also comes packaged with a plastic hat.

You’re also going to want to get a pair, since the helmet is made from foam, and those will keep it cool and dry.

You should also pick a different color than the black and white version you’ve seen so far.

The SOUND: This has a modern design, featuring the heart on a round face.

The heart also has a star, and some other little details.

The eyes are also big, and make up the eye mask and the face mask.

These masks also come with an earmuffed hat, gloves and gloves, earmask, and two hats.

The PRIZE: This one looks a bit different, but is still a fun mask for any child.

The mouth part is actually a red and black circle with a star in it, and there are also some small stars.

You get a red nose, red eye, red mouth, black nose, black mouth, yellow nose, yellow mouth, blue

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