Venus Fashion Square Mall in the UK has a new theme

Venus Fashion Square mall in London is now showing a new design by British designer Venus.

The mall, which is owned by retail chain The Boots, is showing a collection of designer clothes by the French designer’s collection, which include a pair of dress shirts by Alexander McQueen.

Venus Fashion Mall in London, London, England, February 13, 2019.

The shoe collection, by Alexander McKinnon, is by Venus designer Alexander McQueek.

The designer also recently opened a second store in the United Kingdom, with another theme coming up soon.

Venuses new design is called “Taste” and it features a new colour palette.

The colours include a deep red with a white lace pattern.

Venues have seen a spike in footfall during the Olympics, which has seen visitors flocking to London’s Oxford Street for the first time since the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

The retail chain said in a statement that “Tastes” would be its first retail show since its relaunch in 2016.

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