How to celebrate the centenary of the first female president of the Indian National Congress

The Indian National Union of Students is holding a day of remembrance of Mahatma Gandhi on Thursday and the party is celebrating its first female leader.

The congress has been celebrating its centenary in the name of Mahata since 1962.

It is an important moment in the history of the country and the congress is now in the process of marking the anniversary.

The party held a ceremony in the city on Friday to honour Mahatmas birthday.

There were also rallies in several states and cities, where young women gathered in the streets to commemorate the centennial of the Congress.

The event was also attended by former leaders like Indira Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, and Indira Apte.

The Congress is one of the oldest political parties in the country.

It has been in existence since the Congress of India was founded in 1920.

The first female President of the National Congress, the Congress vice-president Sonia Gandhi, was the party’s first woman president.

The former President, who is the party president, said that the congress was founded on the slogan ‘women are human beings, too’ and that women have been given the opportunity to participate in politics.

‘We are going to celebrate this centenary and the Congress is proud to celebrate it with us.

This is a huge achievement for women in the party.

We are happy that we have become the first women party in the nation.

It’s important that we celebrate this day together with the party, and we hope the party will work hard to honour it in the future,’ Sonia Gandhi said.

Congress vice president Sonia Gandhi and party spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad on Friday celebrated the centenaries of Mahats first female and first female Congress vice presidents in New Delhi and Bengaluru.

A large number of party members also attended the event.

Congress president Sonia, who was in Bengaluru for the Congress meeting, said: ‘It is a great honour to be here today to celebrate with the Congress party the centres centenary celebrations of the birth of Mahathas first female vice president, Indira.

This centenary celebration is a momentous occasion for the party as well as for women and our party.

‘Today marks a turning point in the organisation of the party and our commitment to women’s participation in the national life.

We have made great strides in women’s rights, but there are still a lot of challenges in the field.

We wish to ensure that the party continues to fight for women’s inclusion and advancement.

‘There are still many hurdles in the path for women, but we believe we have taken them.

We need to ensure a better future for our women, and the fight for the right to vote, for fair access to education, and for equality in our workplaces, politics, and media will not go away in our lifetime.

We want to continue to fight on this path of empowerment, and this is a historic moment in our party.’

‘Women have had to fight to have their voice heard in politics and the media,’ Ms Gandhi said, adding that the Congress was working on ‘the issue of the right of all women to vote’ and ‘on gender equality and equality for all’.

‘The Congress party is committed to advancing women’s voices in politics, in the media, in industry and in business and to ensure equal opportunity and rights for all our women.’

The Congress is the largest political party in India and is the country’s second largest party, with around 14 million members.

It also enjoys the backing of many of the ruling parties and the government in India.

Congress is now one of three major parties in Parliament, along with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and the Shiv Sena.

In the wake of the mass protests against the BJP government’s controversial decision to allow the sale of women’s clothes in the market, the party said that it would work to ‘strengthen women’s voice’ in politics as well.

It has been a tough year for women across India.

On January 1, 2017, the Delhi High Court banned the sale and sale of cosmetics products in public spaces for women.

Women across India have also been arrested for wearing revealing clothes in public.

‘It is the Congress Party’s responsibility to ensure we are seen as equal citizens, which means in a democracy like ours, we need to speak up and we need women to take part in politics,’ Ms Ravi told The Times Of India.

‘I have never seen women in such numbers in politics or the media before.

We must speak up about this issue and fight for our rights.’

The Congress believes that we must always stand together to fight against sexism and racism.

We should fight for every human right and every right for every person, regardless of race, religion, caste, gender or sexual orientation.

‘If there is any discrimination against women, it should be against the male, because the law is there to protect all people and this law should not be abused.’

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