Why we’re obsessed with French fashion novas

Fashion nova: the French style.

Here are some of our favourite novas.


Vogue nova 1: A French girl takes on a burlesque dancer in her native town, Paris.


Mimi nova 2: A burlesqued dancer in a barbershop transforms into a cat.


Vibe nova 3: A girl wears a pair of heels that she found on sale at the thrift shop.


Paris nova 4: A man dressed as a fox and a bunny makes a scene on a train.


V&g nova 5: A cat jumps on a bicycle and jumps off it. 6.

L’affaire des nova 6: A young man with a wig is chased by a cat and dog in the woods.


L.A. nova 7: A woman with a bow and arrow dresses up as a circus performer and gets chased by three wild cats.


Vans nova 8: A street artist transforms into an animal and takes on the role of a clown.


Versace nova 9: A model takes on her namesake label by dressing as a tiger, dog and a fox.


Chanel nova 10: A designer takes on animal rights issues by wearing a lion mask.


Giorgio Armani nova 11: A photographer dressed as an African elephant takes on his own brand.


Bottega Veneta nova 12: A fashion designer makes her mark on the fashion world by dressing up as the king of kings of Italy.


H&ampgt;s nova 13: A boy wearing a penguin mask tries to convince his mom to let him buy a doll.


Calvin Klein nova 14: A British man goes to Paris and meets a fashion designer dressed as the King of Kings of the Kingdom of England.


Versailles nova 15: A black cat gets into the minds of a bunch of white people by dressing in their favourite outfits.


Burberry nova 16: A female model in a floral dress and a tiara makes a splash in Paris.


Chanels nova 17: A women in a white coat takes on fashion by dressing herself as a model.


Ralph Lauren nova 18: A white woman in a black dress with a diamond stud earrings takes on an outfit inspired by the film The Wizard of Oz. 19.

Gucci nova 19: A male model takes his own clothes to a high-end fashion show.


Dolce & Gabbana nova 20: A stylist dresses up in a red leather jacket and a white silk shirt.


Tommy Hilfiger nova 21: A mother-daughter duo in a pair from Versaillese fashion house wear a pair with the words “no makeup” printed on them on their blouses.


Dolci nova 22: A high-profile fashion designer puts on a fashion show and wears a dress as if she was dressed up as an ape.


Hoka One One nova 23: A pair of Chinese ladies in a silk jacket and white shirt pose as they do at a fashion shows.



Crew nova 24: A Brazilian woman dresses as a Chinese doll, and a pair in pink heels are seen on a street corner.


Jil Sander nov 25: A dancer transforms into her cat.


Dior nova 26: A teenager wearing a gold hoop earring and a gold bikini top poses as she does in the video for “Dior.”


Louis Vuitton nova 27: A dress made from animal fur and gold threads is seen on the street corner of Paris.


Louis XIV nova 28: A new collection by French designer Stella McCartney is seen at the French fashion show in Paris, France.


Alexander McQueen nova 29: A Parisian woman in red leather shoes wears a suit with “I want to change the world” printed across the chest.


Calvin Johnson nova 30: A teenage boy dressed as Johnny Cash sings a hit song at a music festival in New York.


Ralph McQuaid nova 31: A singer dressed as Lord Byron takes on stage at a concert in London.


Tom Ford nova 32: A dog in a costume is seen running across the streets of Paris, the capital of France.


Marc Jacobs nova 33: A pop singer in a headscarf plays the piano in a French restaurant.


Calvin Harris nova 34: A DJ performs a duet with the French musician Pierre Boulez.


GQ nova 35: A couple in a leather jacket with a white scarf walks down the street of Paris in a Parisian city park.


Alexander Wang nova

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