Kate Moss has the look of a future queen

Kate Moss is the latest in a long line of fashion stars to announce their retirement plans this year, as the designer-turned-celebrity continues to be dogged by the public’s desire to see a new Kate Moss.

The model-turned fashion designer has been dogged by rumors that she may be contemplating retirement for some time, but the latest rumours have reignited a conversation about her future.

According to Vanity Fair, Kate Moss will not be appearing on an ad campaign, which has been set to take place this coming summer, and is instead focusing on her work with Nike and her forthcoming fashion line, Cotton Candy.

This new announcement is the first sign of a possible retirement for Kate, who is said to be a big supporter of the women’s fashion industry and is credited with starting the trend of the supermodel as a young woman.

“I’m going to be focusing on my new collection Cotton Candy and it’s going to start with a new campaign,” she told Vogue in February.

“It’s all about making the most of your clothes and creating the most amazing products that you can use in the world.

I think it’s a beautiful idea.”

Kate has been the subject of plenty of speculation recently, particularly following reports that she had suffered a serious stroke and may have to go into assisted living.

In April, she told the Daily Mail that her decision to retire was not “planned,” adding that she has “had a lot of sleepless nights” over her decision.

“No one has ever said anything about me going into assisted life, but I think my mind is clear, I’ve been feeling so down,” she said.

“My husband and I both know that I love my family, I love the children and we have no idea what’s going on.”

Kate’s comeback seems to be on the cards, but it is not yet clear if the brand she started will be continuing to focus on her new line.

“We are still working on it and it will be announced shortly,” a Nike spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter.

“Nike’s commitment to its fans and to the world of fashion is unmatched.”

Kate will no doubt continue to work on her collection, which is currently available online, in her role as ambassador for the brand.

She has previously said that her new collection will focus on the “world of women’s clothing,” and is being marketed by the brand as a “new era for Kate Moss.”

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