How to be a fashion pixy girl: This fashion girl from the 60s made the cut

A pixie is an American girl with the face of a pixie, a girl with curly hair, and a large round, round nose.

They are often called pixies because they are often painted with bright pink and purple paint.

Pixies are not allowed to drive cars and can’t wear skirts or dresses.

They wear colorful clothing and often wear the clothes of the street.

These are the girls who inspired the 1960s pop icon Pee-wee Herman.

They were also the girls of Pee Wee Herman’s era, which began in the 1960’s.

Pee Wee Herman’s Pee Pee Show Pee WEE HANNED the most famous PeeWee Herman song, “I’m PeeWee Herman.”

The song was recorded in 1966 and was first released on the VHS tape format in 1965.

P.S. You can watch Pee’s POOLE SHOW here.

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