Why is there so much confusion about Japan’s street fashion?

From the looks of it, a Japanese street fashion brand might not exist.

Japanese fashion brand Matsuya had a rather big hit with its debut fashion line back in 2011, but the brand’s sales have since slowed to a crawl.

Its biggest rival, Tokyo’s famous Tokyo-based Matsuyas brand, has also seen a decline in its sales in recent years.

But that might not be a bad thing.

Matsuya was founded by a pair of students at Osaka University and, as its name implies, it’s a fashion brand that aims to bring the Japanese style to the global market.

The brand’s slogan is a mix of the words “Japan’s new style” and “fashion”, with a nod to the country’s traditional Japanese style of clothing.

With a focus on Japanese streetwear, Matsuys goal is to create a collection that embodies the same Japanese spirit of design that’s at the heart of the brand.

“Our aim is to bring Japanese street clothes to the world, so we’re working towards the creation of a Japanese fashion brand, which will promote Japanese style in a global sense,” said a spokesperson for Matsu yas.

It was an ambitious goal, and the brand has now been selling out of its flagship line for six months.

To make up for the shortfall, Mota is also expanding its range of styles, with a new collection that features new pieces from Japanese designers such as Yomiuri-kai and Nippon.

While the brand may not have had much success selling out its first line of menswear, the brand hopes to build on the success of its second line, which was launched in 2014.

And while it might not have been the first Japanese street clothing brand to hit the US market, Manta’s brand is definitely on a roll.

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