When you’re a designer, what are you looking for?

The fashion industry has been rocked by a new wave of creative talent, but the new trend is a return to what we once knew as “fashion meets lifestyle”.

It’s all about the trendiest, most trendy, most stylish pieces of clothing, accessories and footwear, and that means you have to be careful about the way you wear them.

The trend is that everyone wants to look fashionable and trendy, and it’s only fair to have a little thought about what to wear, said James Tindall, the fashion director at Melbourne fashion designer Armani.

“The whole point is to go for something you’ll look cool in,” he said.

But there are also a few things to keep in mind about what you wear.

If you’re just looking for the most fashionable thing to wear on a Friday afternoon, and you don’t care about the style, you may be a good fit for the new wave.

You could be looking at something that’s stylish and sophisticated and yet you still have a fashion-forward, relaxed vibe, Mr Tindalls said.

If the goal is to look trendy and chic, but you’re not into the more formal look of a blazer or a suit, or you just want something casual that will help you pass the time at the office, you might want to look elsewhere.

“If it’s not going to be a fashion statement, if you’re wearing something that doesn’t suit you, you won’t be going out and having the time of your life,” Mr Tishall said.

“We’ve got this whole ‘fashion is a fashion’ thing that is really just a bunch of self-help talk, but it really does affect people.”

He said it was important to avoid the old trends, like a “vintage, minimalist look”.

If you want something that is more modern, but not too modern, there are certain trends that have become more trendy, he said, like the high-fashion style of the past.

“For the past few years, a lot of designers have gone back to the basics and gone back a little bit, so they’re not trying to be fashionable, they’re just trying to make things that are very minimalistic, that don’t have too much colour and they’re trying to do things that aren’t too trendy.”

There are other styles of clothing you could look for, Mr Wills said, such as dresses, shirts and pants.

“There are lots of different things you could wear,” he suggested.

“You could wear something like a tee-shirt, a pair of trousers, a dress shirt, a vest, a skirt or a shirt.

You can even go a little more ‘casual’ and go for a dress.”

He added you could also wear jeans and a pair that fit, and be comfortable in them.

“That could be something you could try on, something you might wear with a jacket, something that would suit you,” Mr Will said.

The key, of course, is to think about what kind of clothing and accessories you’re looking for, and what the style is going to mean to you.

“Do you want a casual, high-waisted, cropped-shirt?

Do you want to go with something that fits, and something that won’t pull you out of your jeans?”

Mr Wicks said.

He also advised choosing something that will keep you looking smart.

“I think what we’re seeing with the fashion-conscious is people trying to keep themselves in their best clothes,” Mr Gellam said.

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