‘I just want to get out of here’: Two-time Miss America Alicia Menendez dies at age 67

Alicia Menegos father, Bob Menendez, has died.

His wife, Jocelyn Menendez-Menendez, confirmed his death in a statement released Thursday.

Bob Menigos father had passed away earlier this week.

“Bob and I are deeply saddened by the passing of our beloved husband and father, and his wife, Alicia Menecas father, Joanna Menendez.

He will be greatly missed,” Menendez said in the statement.

“I am deeply grateful for all the prayers that have been sent my way since Bob passed.

I will be forever grateful for the support and prayers of my husband, Bob.

Alicia was a woman of faith, and always treated everyone with respect.

She would always say, ‘You are my first and last person.’

She never once said, ‘I want to die.'”

Alicia Menigs father, who was a U.S. senator from New Jersey, died in August at the age of 79.

“He was a tremendous leader for many years,” Jocelyne Menendez wrote in a Facebook post.

Menendez’s daughter, Alicia Diaz-Menigos, confirmed her father’s death in the same Facebook post, saying he was “a loving father who loved his family and loved his community. “

We love Alicia so much and wish she were here with us.”

He was a wonderful husband and wonderful father. “

My Dad will be missed by so many people, especially by the friends and family who knew him best and his wonderful wife, who loved her life and had it with him and loved him dearly.

He was a wonderful husband and wonderful father.

We miss you, Bob.”

Menegas sister, Ana Menegosa, said her father “was a great leader, a great son, and a great friend.”

Meneces death comes less than a week after his wife was found dead at the New Jersey home of his longtime friend, billionaire Carlos Slim, according to police.

Menendez is serving a five-year prison sentence for tax evasion.

He is being held at the federal prison in New Jersey.

His son, Carlos Jr., also served a five year prison sentence.

The two men are being held separately.

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