What is K&G fashion super store?

K&g fashion store is a new store in Hong Kong, the first store of its kind in Asia.

It is the world’s first store for K&Gs fashion, which is made in China and sold in Hongks fashion stores.

The store is located in the Soi Fong shopping complex and the location is located at the Sojung Expressway and Soi Tai Sing.

The new store will have over 40% occupancy.

The shop will have the largest display of K&g style fashion and accessories in HongKong.

According to an advertisement, the store is also a destination for Hong Kong visitors, and the brand hopes to create a unique atmosphere for visitors.

K&amp?s main product is Kg, the Chinese name for jeans, boots, and trousers.

The brand is also known for its accessories and apparel.

In 2017, the brand introduced the Kg1 brand, which sells Kg style clothes.

The company is also the manufacturer of the Kugel Kugels, a line of knits and socks.

The K&gs fashion line has also launched a line with other brands like Y-3 and Zappos.

The clothing lines are popular with young adults in Hongkong.

The store has been launched in partnership with the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce.

It will open in mid-March.

Source: Wired

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