‘WWE Diva’ Amber Rose: ‘I want to be famous and I’m going to have to do what I have to’

Amber Rose, the “WWE diva” who is also known as the “Queen of the Ring,” says she wants to be the biggest star in the world.

“I think that’s the biggest challenge of being a diva.

I’m not a star.

I want to do it as a performer.

I’ve been a performer all my life, so I know how to be in front of people,” Rose said during an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America on Tuesday.

Rose also addressed her upcoming appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which will air in late April.

“They’re asking me, ‘Do you want to come back?

Do you want us to do an interview?’

I’m like, ‘Nah, I want my own show, my own video,'” Rose said of her upcoming talk show.

“That’s going to be my show.

I feel so honored.

I mean, this is my life.

This is my opportunity.

I have a career.

It’s a blessing to be here, I have my career, I’m in a position where I can make people look up to me and I have this show.

So, I love it, I really do.”

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Rose said that while she is the only woman in the WWE, she believes that women can compete with men in every aspect of the business.

“Women are so great.

We’re not the only ones that are good.

We’ve got other great talents, but that’s my job.

I love to work with men.

I would never have imagined myself as a divas wrestler.

I really would never want to play the part of a divah.

I don’t want to.

I think that would be a mistake.

I believe women can, and should, be the best.”

Watch Rose’s full interview below:

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