Top fashion houses to sign deal with Louis Vuitton brand

LONDON – Louis Vuillas Paris and the designer’s Paris fashion brand have signed a deal to open their own store in London, marking the biggest fashion deal for the UK since the launch of the iconic brand in 1997.

The UK and US-based company, which has a global presence with stores in London and New York, is aiming to open its first store in the capital this year.

The deal, which is being done through the London Fashion Centre, is worth an estimated £1bn, and comes as Louis Vuittes continues to grow its footprint in the UK.

Louis Vuits new UK retail store is expected to open in March next year.

A spokesperson for Louis Vuis said: “The London Fashion Commission is pleased to announce a landmark partnership with the new Louis Vuist shop in London.

The store will open in the spring of next year.”

The Louis Vuillans Paris shop will be situated on the second floor of the LCC and will offer a range of fashion essentials including clothing, accessories and home decor.

The company, whose French name translates as ‘Vuitton’ and is based in Paris, is best known for its clothing, which it launched in the 1950s.

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