The 1970s fashion house that shaped the future of women’s fashion, by Lisa M. D’Agostino

The iconic brand that began in 1966 as an independent clothing shop on a quiet residential street in New York City is coming back to life as part of a revival of the home-made brand, The Vintage Collection, by Vintage and Co., with its flagship shop in the Manhattan neighborhood of Williamsburg.

The Vintage collection, which opened in the West Village in February, will move to the neighborhood in April, with a new, smaller space in a more intimate neighborhood that will have more casual and contemporary offerings, including jewelry and handbags, according to a statement by the company.

“The Vintage Collection is back, and we are bringing the vintage look and feel of the 1960s and 70s back with new, innovative products, services and collections,” Vintage and a team of designers, directors and owners will work to reimagine the brand, the statement said.

“We hope you will be inspired by the brand’s unique history, and look forward to seeing it in your neighborhood soon.”

Vintage, which also was a fashion house and clothing label, is reopening a second store in New Jersey, The Old City, in the East Village on Monday, with the New York Stock Exchange opening its doors to the public at 7 a.m.

The first store opened in 1981 in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

The brand’s original store, at 1 World Trade Center, is now closed and will be demolished.

The vintage collection, in addition to the original shop, is also slated to open in Manhattan in April and Brooklyn later in the year.

In an earlier statement, Vintage and co-founder and executive director Brian O. Miller said the Vintage Collection “is not a fashion brand; it is an artisanal and eco-conscious clothing and accessory collection, made in collaboration with fashion designers around the world.”

“The Vintage Collections are an integral part of our vision of bringing together the best in the creative industries,” he said.

“The vintage design community is a vibrant and passionate place, and this is the first time that we have been able to share this unique creative spirit with our customers.”

The Vintage and company have not yet disclosed the total amount of proceeds from the new stores, but Miller said they will likely be “significantly more than what we had hoped.”

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