The Fashion Island Restaurant: From the outside, it looks like a normal restaurant. But when you enter the back, it becomes an island of sex.

From the inside, Fashion Island’s interior is just as erotic as the exterior.

The restaurant’s walls are covered in bondage-themed murals, and the inside decor is covered in erotic artwork.

The décor is covered with erotic posters and lingerie.

The interior is full of erotic art that depicts bondage and other BDSM-related acts.

But the restaurant’s secret is not in the art.

It’s in the food.

Fashion Island is a chain of sex shops that caters to the fetishist community.

Each location serves food and drinks in a variety of flavors, from steaks to chicken and pork.

At the top of the menu, customers can get a free sample of a new item or a free, one-hour meal.

The chain operates seven restaurants in Los Angeles, California.

For $15 a person, customers get a glass of wine or an entree of a different type of food.

In New York, the chain operates eight locations.

The first one opened in 2011.

The next three locations opened in 2014, 2017 and 2019.

For more information, visit the Fashion Island website.

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