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A new style of breakfast has caught the eye of New York-based brand FourFourSecond.

Launched in the US last year, the brand has been growing rapidly in China and has recently launched a line of premium, high-end French toast. 

FourFourSecond’s French toast is available at more than 1,000 supermarkets in China, where the toast is typically served with a slice of toast made with French or Indian spices and topped with some fruit.

The breakfast is served with either a sliced apple or a fruit, depending on the customer’s preferences.

The toast has long been popular in China.

A study last year by the Pew Research Centre found that in 2016, nearly 80 per cent of Chinese adults ate French toast at least once a day, with roughly a third of that population saying it was a must-have in their everyday meals.

“It’s really hard to find a Chinese product that has not been in Chinese culture,” said FourFourThe French toast has also been popular with the American audience, particularly in New York, where it’s become a popular breakfast for many Americans, said Chan Chan, co-founder of FourFourTen.

Chan Chan said the company’s Chinese breakfast, made with local ingredients and served with slices of fruit, has been a hit with American customers.

Chan said they are trying to create a new kind of breakfast experience in the country, where there are few options.

“We’re doing it to change the perception of what a French breakfast is,” Chan said.

“It’s something we have to do.”

Chan Chan and her husband Chan Yip are the founders of Four4The New York branch of FourFiveTen, a fast-growing Chinese food startup that has a large presence in New Jersey.

Chan has seen a shift in the Chinese appetite for Chinese food in the last few years.

Since 2009, Chan Chan has been on a mission to introduce Chinese food to the US market.

Chan’s first restaurant opened in Manhattan in 2011.

Chan launched a restaurant chain in 2012 and the chain expanded into New Jersey last year.

FourFourFive now operates more than 250 restaurants across the US, in more than 50 cities.

Chan was featured in a 2012 profile of FiveThirtyEight and the restaurant chain has seen growth as the number of Chinese-American customers increased from a few hundred to over 30,000.

“We feel that we are doing what Chinese people have always wanted to do: they want to eat with Chinese people,” Chan Chan told FourFourEight.

Chan and his team have also been working on an app that will allow customers to purchase breakfast from the company in New Zealand, where breakfast is typically eaten with a side of toast.

Chan Chan opened FourFourten in 2017, and the company currently operates four locations in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

FourFourTen also operates a cafe and restaurant in China in Shanghai.

Chan Cham, the founder of Four FourTen, said the rise of Chinese food has also led to increased interest in French toast in the region.

“People are now starting to recognize the difference between French toast and French food,” Chan Cham said.

Chan Chan said that while the company is focused on expanding into the US in order to grow its business, it plans to open more restaurants in China over the next year.

Chan says the Chinese food market is worth $US40 billion ($66 billion) in 2020.

Chinese consumers tend to eat more Chinese food than Americans.

Chan is optimistic that he and his co-founders will be able to continue to make a positive impact in the market, as Chinese consumers are more open to new ideas.

As Chan Chan’s business continues to grow, he said he hopes that he can help change the way people think about breakfast.

 “We are not in this to make money, we are in this for the customer experience,” Chan wrote on Facebook.

The Chinese community in the United States, he added, is diverse and diverse in that way.

Chan told The Associated Press that he is proud of the company he has created.

FiveThirtyEight’s Nick Bilton contributed to this report.

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