How to wear the 1920s style without being too old

A few decades ago, there were no fashion designers to take inspiration from.

Today, fashion is everywhere.

But fashion’s influence on our modern lives is still very much in its infancy.

There are countless examples of what we wear today.

And as our minds and bodies continue to evolve, there’s a lot of room for experimentation.

Here are some of the styles we love today, and what they look like from a modern perspective.1.

FASHION DETAILS: A 1940s dress, with a black lace bodice and a slim neckline, has been transformed into a modern day version by a vintage boutique.2.

A 1920s-inspired dress, made from silk, is paired with a white lace bodysuit, with matching skirts and pants.3.

A 1930s-era dress, which is made from linen and velvet, has a tailored fit and a fitted bodyset.4.

A 1940s-style suit with an Italian tailored fit is paired to a tailored blouse, and a silk blouse is added.5.

A contemporary style suit is paired against a vintage blouse.6.

A vintage style blouse and a 1920s blouse paired with an updated silhouette is paired, creating a classic-style look.7.

A modern-day blouse with a slim fit and matching skirts, a striped belt, and matching pants.8.

A 1950s-themed blouse worn in an updated style.9.

A timeless classic-inspired suit, with the look of a vintage and the style of an era.10.

A tailored suit paired with two blouses, which gives it a vintage-inspired look.11.

A 1970s-styled suit with a 1940s look paired with modern-inspired accessories.12.

A classic-styles-to-modern-day suit, which has a modern-style fit and looks like it could be worn with vintage materials.13.

A sleek, modern-styling suit paired against vintage-style clothing, which also has the look and feel of an updated suit.14.

A retro-stylish suit with modern looks paired with classic-day-style accessories.15.

A new-style-style blouse in a modern suit paired to an updated classic-sexy blouse that has the appearance of a 1930s suit.16.

A mid-century-style dress paired with timeless-style jewelry paired with vintage-style accessories.17.

A style-inspired pair of vintage jeans paired with trendy accessories paired with tailored blouses.18.

A fit-and-flare dress paired against classic-era accessories paired against timeless-seam dress.19.

A slim-fit suit paired up with an old-fashioned blouse to create a modern, vintage look.20.

A trendy suit paired together with vintage accessories paired up against modern-era clothing.21.

A streamlined, tailored suit in an original-style style paired up to a modern vintage-look blouse.(Getty Images: Lianne van Hees)22.

A 1960s-esque dress paired up in a 1940’s-style, and modern-feeling, blouse made from the classic-y fabrics of the 1920’s.(Getty/Hulton Archive)23.

A crisp 1920s suit paired in a 1930’s-inspired blouse(Getty Images/H/T: Michael Wren)24.

A 1980s-looking suit paired alongside an updated modern-look outfit(Getty/Getty Images)25.

A stylish, vintage-looking cocktail dress paired in the style that was popular at the time of its creation.(Getty)26.

A suit paired across two blouse-lined skirts paired with matching accessories.(Getty: Kiyoshi Kato)27.

A matching blouse pair paired with three or four ties(Getty: Yui Mie)28.

A look-alike blouse pairing with a 1930 suit paired on a modern look(Getty)29.

A simple, modern style cocktail dress (Getty/Michael Wren, Lianng Cheng)30.

A black-and.white blouse teamed with an elegant tie(Getty, LIANNG CHENG)31.

A pair of modern blouses paired with elegant ties(AFP/Getty)32.

A stunning vintage-modern look with a classic suit paired off against a modern blouse of the 1930s(AFP, MATT KOTELIN)33.

A fitted suit paired between a tailored skirt and a modern fit(Getty via Getty Images)34.

A gorgeous 1930s vintage-feminine-modern style blazer paired with contemporary-style pants and a striped tie.(Getty via Reuters)35.

A glamorous look-and feel suit paired, with an vintage-y suit paired and a vintage jacket paired, to create an elegant look.(Getty, PAUL CHEN)36.

A fashionable

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