New York’s New Bar: This Old-Fashioned Cocktail Is the New Cocktail of the Year

A bar that specializes in the Old-Style Cocktail, a drink popular during the Prohibition era.

The bar, The Bar, located at the corner of 6th and Broadway, is located on the corner between 6th Street and Broadway in the East Village.

The Bar’s menu is a mix of classics like a Manhattan-style Manhattan-cut Manhattan, an Italian-American Manhattan, and a Manhattan version of the Brooklyn-style Brooklyn.

The cocktail menu is limited to only about three or four cocktail recipes.

The bartender and bar manager, Brian McLean, said the original bar was closed when he moved to New York in 1999.

He has since created The Bar and has since been working to reopen it, but that’s the extent of his business.

“It’s kind of the last bastion of my old life,” he said.

The Old-Styled Cocktail was created as an effort to preserve the classic drinks of the era and to offer a place for people who love New York City to hang out.

The cocktails are named after the old-fashioned cocktail recipe from the mid-1800s: Old-Dirt Scotch, Gin, Campari and Lemonade.

The bartenders’ motto is: “A classic New York cocktail for the New York drinker.”

McLean said that he and his colleagues created the cocktail to be a way for New Yorkers to meet people they never met before.

“You have to make it an experience that you feel like you could get to know them,” he explained.

The drinks are a mix between New York drinks and the drinks people are drinking today.

The bars menu is called “New York” and includes cocktails like a Brooklyn-cut (a Manhattan-cheese, lime, and bitters), a Manhattan Manhattan-cutting (a lemon and gin with bitters and orange bitters), and a Brooklyn Manhattan-Cut (a bitters-lime Manhattan with orange bitters).

The bartender is also the bartender for the bar.

He and his team started with about 20 ingredients, he said, and they’ve added about 10 to 20 new ones over the years.

He said they hope to add more and more ingredients over the next few years.

The New Bar is one of several bars in the neighborhood that specialize in Old-styled Cocktails.

They’re also located next to the Brooklyn Navy Yard and on the edge of the West Village.

They also have a beer menu that includes the Old Style: a Manhattan, a Manhattan with bitters, and some seasonal flavors.

The beers are usually brewed at the brewery, but the bartenders also brew at the bar and sell the beer at the tap room.

The new bar is named for a Manhattan bar where the Old, Old-Youths are housed.

In the 1950s and ’60s, New Yorkers had a “New Bar” where they would drink Old-style cocktails at home and the bartender would take a bottle and open the bottle and put a slice of lemon on top of it.

McLean is a bar owner and bartender who has worked in bars for 20 years.

“When you go to New Orleans, it’s called the Bourbon Room.

I love New Orleans,” he told Newsweek.

“We call it the Bourbon Bar.”

He added that New Orleans is the “Old-Yeaters Club” of New York, which is a place that people who drink New York style cocktails are welcome to go.

The drink is popular with young people, but McLean and his staff hope to make the drinks more of a “family” experience for New Yorkers.

“The cocktails are family-friendly,” he added.

He added, “We’re not just trying to serve New Yorkers.”

The New-Style Bar has been open since 2003 and is open seven days a week.

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