When you wear a fashion photo shoot, how much does it cost?

If you’re planning to take a photo shoot with your fashion photo assistant, the cost can be huge.

Fashion photographer Adam Ritchie and fashion photographer and fashion designer, Hannah Sorensen, had to pay a cool $5,000 for their work, according to Mashable.

The two decided to get creative with the price, and decided to shoot their outfits with their phones.

The result is this photo shoot:It looks like a lot, but we wanted to keep it simple.

It’s more about the shot and more about a personal relationship than anything else.

We wanted to shoot a photo of us together, which is really how we shot our shoots in the past, so that the lighting was natural and we could both look at each other.

We’ve had some great responses to the photo shoot so far.

Hannah said it was very personal and the result is something that we really wanted to capture.

We’re excited to see how this story goes, and to continue to shoot the best work we can with these talented photographers, and we hope you are as excited as we are to share it with the world!

Read the full article on Mashable:

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