When fashion was more about fashion: ‘I wanted to be an actor’

Fashion writer Kawaii fashion blogger Victoria Gaga says she was raised in a fashion world that taught her to “just be me”.

“I wanted my voice to be heard,” Ms Gaga said.

“I want to be a fashion star.

That’s my goal.”

In her new book, “Love and Fashion: A Guide for Fashion Fans”, Ms Gago says that she started modeling in her teens, when she was just 15.

“You know, I was always in high school and college, always playing sports, but I was never really interested in dressing like an actor,” she said.

Ms Gaga, whose blog is filled with photos of herself dressed as characters from popular anime, manga and video games, says she started modelling when she got her first modelling job.

“My first job I got was a modelling job with an agency.

And I thought I was a cute kid, but the agency wasn’t interested.

I was so scared,” she recalled.

She says she spent her modelling career modelling in various cities around Sydney and eventually settled in Brisbane, where she met and fell in love with fashion designer and stylist, Katya Klynekova.

Katya Kynkova, who also modeled in Sydney, says her modelling style has changed over the years.

“I’ve always been a very visual girl,” Ms Kynnkova said.

Photo: Victoria Gagan “I used to have these big eyes.

I would wear these big glasses.

I used to dress up in these very big glasses, and I would do this very, very low key, really pretty, very girly look, like I was the little Princess Leia.

I didn’t want to dress like that.

I wanted to do it in a way that was girly, like it was a girl thing.”

Ms Kynksova said she met Ms Gagan while she was working as a fashion model.

‘I don’t want people to think I’m a fashion junkie’ Ms Gynkskaya said she first met Ms Kyska at a wedding in 2014.

“[Katya] was just so beautiful and kind, and she just wanted to make me feel comfortable and happy,” Ms Gill said.

“[Katya told me] I had this thing about being a fashion girl and it’s so easy to say that you are just doing it because you want to, but you can’t really do that.”

“But I think that’s the part of it, I think I have this very big vision about myself and I want to make sure that I can actually do it, and it’ll happen, and that’s just what I want,” she added.

Ms Gyda says she likes the fact that fashion is more about style than it is about looks.

Victoria Gydy says she wants to make fashion a more inclusive place.


Zed Seselj says fashion is all about looks, not style.

However, Ms Gylkskaya says she would love to see more women in the fashion industry, particularly designers.

The 25-year-old from Brisbane is now a fashion blogger and editor at the online publication Style +Style, and hopes to continue her career as a model.

“I just want to change the perception of fashion,” she says.

“When I was younger, I would dress up as princesses.

I didn’t know what to do with my life.

But now I know what I should do, I don’t know how, I have a really great vision, and now I want the whole world to see that I have that vision.

For me, it’s about creating that dream and being that person that you want.

I’m just excited to be there.”

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